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There are many places to go and get advice on how to grow your insurance business, but we have been helping brokers with their direct mail marketing for over 8 years now and we have seen it all. We know what works, what doesn’t work and we have great inside knowledge about how the insurance industry operates and can be marketed.
You want to grow your company but you’ve hit a few road blocks. Maybe you have a new product you just can’t seem to get off the ground. Maybe you have been operating at a certain level for a while and are having a little trouble breaking out of it. Whatever the problem you are trying to fix, direct mail can help.
Here are what we have found to be the Top 10 ways that you can grow your company using direct mail – in no particular order. Each one handles different aspects of your marketing, so it would be impossible to say that any one is the most important. You may not find that every one applies to your practice but I guarantee you will find something useful in the tips that follow.
1. Combination of Low Premiums & Great Service is the Key
Give customers what they are looking for and they will give you a call. We have found over the years that what works best with insurance advertising is pushing low premiums backed up by great service. Success stories can go a long way to impress upon the reader that you will not only be there when they need you, but that you also will not break the bank before then.
2. Make a Strong Statement
Due to uncertainty of eligibility, many times headlines and copy on insurance promotion can come off a little weak. Statements like “Maybe I Can Save You Money” do very little to convince anyone to give you a call. Not only does it show you can’t help everyone, but it also lets them unsell
themselves with the “I’m sure I don’t qualify” mentality. Stronger but still truthful headlines, such
as “I Save My Clients an Average of $485, See what I can do for you.” not only tell the reader
exactly what to do but do more to motivate because there is no negative aspect.
3. Positive Imagery Gets More Readership
Sometimes using a little fear in promotion is a good way to get attention, but only when it is
something that people are not already worried about. The things people buy insurance for (auto, life, health, etc.) are things that they worry about on a daily basis. Your promo will get more
readership if you use positive images. For example, when you are promoting auto insurance, show happy people in their new cars, not smashed up cars and people with whiplash. Your prospects see so many negative images in the news and the rest of their lives that tend to shut them out.
4. Start a Referral Program
You love getting referrals, but what are you doing to promote getting them? Start a referral program to give some premium to past clients when they refer a friend or family member. Telling customers about the program during the sales cycle is a good start, but using direct mail to remind them will work even better. Send them a postcard at their house where they actually interact with their friends and family and they will be more likely to remember.
5. Recruit Other Agents
Many times you can recruit established agents, who already have a customer base, to join your company. Maybe you can offer better payouts, better benefits or even better lead generating services than their current company. In some states where insurance agents are required to register you can even get a list of insurance agents at their home address, allowing you to promote to them in an environment where they would feel more comfortable responding.
6. Education Opens Doorways
Many of your potential customers don’t even realize that they need your service. Educate them and turn them into a potential customer. Sometimes it is as easy as making a statement like “If someone depends on you financially, you probably need life insurance.” Other times you may need to send out articles or even detailed reports on the subject you are trying to get across. Most times this will depend on the complexity of the product, but no matter what you sell you will always get a better response if people understand exactly why they need it.
7. Specialized Products to Specialized Lists
Do you offer special insurance for truckers, building contractors or even teenage drivers? If you have a product that is specific to a certain market you will more than likely be able to find a specialized list of people who will benefit from it. Don’t waste money marketing your service to households or businesses that will never need it. A list provider can point you in the direction of the right list for your specific product. Sometimes these specialized lists cost more but when you consider the money they will save you in postage they are well worth the extra money.
8. Push Your Strengths
Targeting the message to the prospect is one of the best ways to get response. It will help to get one clear message out to your prospects. If you have vast experience in helping people with poor driving records get the insurance they need, make sure you say it in your promo and target the mailing to the people that will need that help. If you beat everyone else in rates for people with perfect driving records
you should promote that specifically to them. Promote what they are most likely to be interested in depending on their specific characteristics and you will increase your overall response rate. Trying to make one promotional piece that will speak to all of your different targets is like hunting unicorns.
9. Consolidate All of Your Customers’ Insurance Needs
I currently have my Homeowners Insurance, Life Insurance & Health Insurance through 3 different providers. This is because of 2 factors. First, 3 different people helped me find them. More importantly though is the fact is that none of the 3 companies has sent me any compelling reason to consolidate them. Writing one policy for a customer is a great foot in the door to at least make them an offer on their other insurance needs. Make sure that you are mailing to your current list of insurance customers and offering them every other service that you have available.
10. Make Sure Your Professionalism Shows
Make sure that the quality of the promotion you send out is the same quality as the services you provide. You could be the most smooth and professional insurance company in the industry, but if your direct mail pieces are of sub-par quality or not professionally designed the people receiving them will assume the same thing about you. Don’t fall into the trap of finding the cheapest one
color flyer that you can. Color pictures specific to your message will help you show the care and professionalism that you are trying to portray. Show them the result of what you can offer them, whether it is a happy person with their new car or a happy family who is now provided for in
the future.
Hopefully you have found something in this report that will help you in your future marketing
efforts. If you didn’t find anything new you are probably already doing a great job with
your marketing.
If you have questions, would like more information or simply want to get started with a direct mail campaign of your own, give us a call at PostcardMania and we will be glad to help. We were the first company in the direct mail postcard industry to set up a quality control department to help you get the response you need.

Acceleration Clause - The part of a contract that says when a loan may be declared due and payable.

Accidental Death Benefit - In a life insurance policy, benefit in addition to the death benefit paid to the beneficiary, should death occur due to an accident. There can be certain exclusions as well as time and age limits.

Acknowledgment: the act of going before a qualified officer (e.g., Clerk) and declaring the validity of the document. The officer certifies same, whose certification is known as the acknowledgment

Acquit: the act of freeing a person from the charge of an offense by means of a decision, verdict or other legal process; to discharge