Agency Spotlight

Agency SpotlightLocation: Baltimore, MD
Number of Employees: 62
Notable Clients: Black and Decker, Forbes, Time Warner

R2integrated is a leading internet marketing firm that specializes in solutions that enables its clients to engage and effectively communicate with their customers online. The company helps brands and audiences connect through the implementation of rich media applications, social media and networking, and powerful, comprehensive analytics that allows businesses to better understand their market and fine-tune their marketing strategy accordingly. R2i’s diverse technology platforms and award-winning creative design have helped some of the largest corporations in the world enhance customer communications, cut costs, and maximize the return on their marketing investment.

DMB’s Contel Bradford recently spoke with Matt Goddard, R2integrated CEO, to get the inside scoop on this dynamic internet marketing agency.

What factors have attributed to R2integrated’s explosive growth over the last two years?

There are two main factors that attributed to R2i’s explosive growth: the exponential increase in peer-to-peer networks and changes in customer buying behavior, combined with the technology and complexities that have entered the marketing realm. For marketers, peer-to-peer communications are driving customer engagement and interaction and they need to find ways to reach and understand their audiences. At their disposal are all of these new and different technologies. Pulling all of this together is where R2i excels. We continue to grow the company by helping marketers reach their customers in ever-changing, ever-evolving networks; we help them understand the changes and nuances in their customers’ buying behavior; and, most importantly, we’re able to develop, integrate, and manage all of the technology requirements that marketers need to execute and measure their strategies.

Many new businesses struggle finding their customers online. How can your solutions connect them with their target audience?

We recognize that finding customers online is one of the most difficult and important tasks for businesses, and is getting harder because the Internet is such a fragmented landscape. People digest content via thousands of different places. There are new sites popping up every day. People are sitting inside of social networks and social spaces, and the way that they behave and the way they do things are changing. Plus, analytics and understanding of customer behavior are still maturing. What’s critical to finding customers online is recognizing that the Internet is a buying engine, or one big database of intentions. People go to the Web for a specific purpose and/or need. R2i has a number of solutions that help businesses identify their customers’ buying behavior. These solutions help businesses identify and connect analytics to how individuals are searching and looking for specific products. And our solutions help businesses locate the communities where their customers operate and spend their time-and money.

Can you tell us about your involvement with the DotNetNuke project?

R2i is one of the first DotNetNuke Gold Fusion Partners, and our firm has been involved with DNN since version 1.x - more than six years ago. Several members of the DNN core development team are sitting inside of our walls. We’ve contributed code to the DNN platform, and were a major contributor to the DNN Map Module Project Lead. We of course provide a slew of DotNetNuke services including Web site design, skin design, SEO marketing programs, module development and integration, DNN support, consulting, and development. Recently, we re-launched the R2i DotNetNuke microsite, which was created to educate, assist, and enrich the DNN community and its clients. We will continue to be very active in the DNN community.

How does this open-source CMS compare to proprietary solutions in terms of support for enterprise needs?

The open source platforms that are out there are building rapidly in terms of their support. DotNetNuke, for example, has a very low license cost that includes support. We’re seeing increases every month in the amount of support that open source projects are providing. The flexibility that enterprises get by using these platforms, the amount of people who know how to use these platforms, the ability to pick and choose, and the ability not to be stuck with any one vendor are all making open source CMS platforms the best choices. CTOs, CMOs, and others decision makers from some very large corporations - including R2i clients - are reaching out and seeking out these open source platforms - DNN, Joomla, Drupal - and the support is going to continue to grow.

Please give us your philosophy on integrating marketing with technology and why this combination has become a must in today’s digital space.

In the past, marketing departments often rented technology. If they wanted to do a television commercial, for example, they would have to rent the television platform and all of the technology that went with it. Same with radio, same with running direct mail pieces. Today, the diverse set of technologies available-CMS technologies, sales force automation, widgets, FaceBook applications, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and so on-are now owned by marketing departments so the integration is a must. Owning these technologies means managing them, too. Marketers have to deal with technology issues, challenges, updates, and upgrades, all while making sure it runs efficiently, all the time. This is the mission control that allows content distribution to take place every day. Without technology integration, marketers can drown in opportunity, cannot effectively leverage assets, and will constantly wait on IT to help them out.


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