Customer Service

Happy ClientsIt has been said before, but it can't be overemphasized: Your customers must always be your top priority. Pleasing them with your service or product and keeping them satisfied with the way you treat them is the only way your agency will survive and prosper. The only way. Think about it: the only dime your agency will ever receive will come from customers. Whether they are large corporations, small firms, or individuals, they will always be your sole source of income. If that thought isn't enough to make you value them, you are in deep trouble.

Be willing to do almost anything to get and keep a customer. Go beyond the call. Don't only deliver what you promise; whenever possible, deliver more than you promise. Don't appeal to your customers entirely on the basis of low premiums. Instead, develop a reputation as a provider of quality products and excellent service. Remember the last time you had an enjoyable evening at a fine restaurant? What lingers in your memory about that night? The delicious food and courteous service, right? You've probably forgotten the prices. In a similar way, your customers will value you because of the quality of your goods and services and because of the way you treat them, not because of your low premiums.

Policy premium matters, of course, and keep your premiums as low as feasible. But customer loyalty never develops out of low premiums. There are people who will buy the lowest-priced item they can find because they believe they can't afford better products. But you can bet they would choose the quality item if they could. Notice that Macy's never claims to beat Kmart on price.

Stay close to your customers. Make it your business to know what they're thinking. Keep up to date on their changing needs and problems. If you 've developed a sales staff and have stopped making sales calls, go out on calls with your salespeople now and then. As your agency grows, it's easy to forget about customers and stop serving them as well as you once did.

Remember this: you may be unaware of how customers are being treated, but you can bet they are aware.

Acceleration Clause - The part of a contract that says when a loan may be declared due and payable.

Accidental Death Benefit - In a life insurance policy, benefit in addition to the death benefit paid to the beneficiary, should death occur due to an accident. There can be certain exclusions as well as time and age limits.

Acknowledgment: the act of going before a qualified officer (e.g., Clerk) and declaring the validity of the document. The officer certifies same, whose certification is known as the acknowledgment

Acquit: the act of freeing a person from the charge of an offense by means of a decision, verdict or other legal process; to discharge